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Four arrests for drug related offences and more from your local team!

Dear Resident,


Last week, your local neighbourhood team were on their set of late shifts… and it was a busy one!



As part of our Safer Business Action days, more than 30 stores were visited across the area, where staff were spoken with about shoplifting, anti-social behaviour, and burglaries. We offered them some crime prevention advice, and emphasised the importance of reporting any incidents to us!



Over the week, four people were arrested in March, Coates, and Whittlesey for drug related offences including drug driving, possession of cannabis and possession with intent to supply cannabis. They have all been bailed to return to Kings Lynn Police Investigation Centre (PIC) in June while our investigations are ongoing. 



Two other men were found to be in possession of cannabis and have been reported for the offence.


A vehicle was stopped in March after the driver initially thought they’d be able to drive off from us! Checks found that the car had no MOT or insurance. The vehicle was seized, and the driver has been reported for the offences.


Another driver also had their car seized on their way home from work after it flagged as having no insurance.


We visited local businesses to carry out modern day slavery checks. No concerns were raised on this occasion, but we will regularly conduct these visits to ensure that everyone is safe and any exploitation is dealt with.


We’ve put safeguarding measures in place after we were made of a potentially vulnerable man needing support. We will continue to ensure that he is okay and gets the help that he needs.


Then finally, as part of our ongoing priority to tackle illegal parking near schools across the sector, we visited Burrowmoor, Thomas Eaton, and Lionel Walden around the school drop off and pickup times. A handful of tickets were issued to those parked illegally, and many more drivers were given words of advice. 


If you have any concerns that you would like us to focus on, you can let us know here.


Kind regards,

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